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Colan beach is located 80 km west of Piura. It is a sandy beach in the Paita bay, and has a very pleasant temperature year-round. Colan goes from "Las Peñas" in the south to "La Bocana" in the north. The houses are about 3 km away from Las Peñas and they are spread in about 3 km of the beach. From the houses to La Bocana there are about 15 km.

Wind and Waves
The wind blows onshore, usually 15-18 knots with 50 cm waves. Wind speed and wave size increase in the north: here the wind usually blows 20-25 knots with 1-1,5 meter waves.
Colan has lots of swell so good jumps can be done everywhere. This is a bit discouraging to beginners, though. A good point for them is that both currents and the wind take them back to shore.

It is easy to find lodging (except for New Year’s and Easter) because there are several places to stay, including bungalows and cebicherías.

A combi can be used to go from Piura to Paita and then another one can be taken to Colan. This last combi is not so common so taking a cab is a better alternative.

Ian sure is having fun
Ian Leigh jumping