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El Faro beach, Pacasmayo is located in La Libertad, approximately in kilometer 666 of the Panamericana Norte highway. This beach is known for its good waves and ideal wind direction.

The beach has a land strip that goes into the sea (a tiny peninsula) where the lighthouse is (el Faro). Next to it is where surfers ride their waves. However, the wind is very light there and it is very rocky, so no windsurf is practiced there. To the right of this strip is the beach that is usually used to windsurf. The wind blows there side-offshore, usually from 14 to 20 knots in the sea. The wind can be quite different on the shore. Sails most often used are from 4.5 to 6 square meters.Waves
Waves in Pacasmayo are long and very well formed. Sometimes, when the swell is up, 200 meters of wave can be ridden. Wave sizes range from 1 to 3 meters most of the time. When it is really big, they can get to mast-height.

The water temperature is low in winter so a full 3/2 suit is needed. During the summer a shorty is enough. Some people use booties because there are sharp shells and sea urchins. There are some shallow parts that one should be aware of. They can be easily seen when the tide is very low. Sometimes it is necessary to walk about 100 meters to have the fin safe from rocks. With high tide it is possible to sail a few meters from shore.

Break Points
There are usually 3 breaking points. One next to where the surfers are, next to the land strip, the best and biggest one, another one in the middle of the beach, and the third one to the right of the beach. Depending on the size of the swell, these breaks can be very definite and separate or can disappear to let a big wave roll across the whole beach.

In town (2 km from the beach) there are several hotels and hostals. The most known are the Pakatnamu (about $20 for a double room), the Continental, the Caesar’s hotel and the Duke Kahanamoku hostal. The most common place to eat is Café Café, a cheap and good chinese restaurant. Nightlife is good, especially La Taberna (close to the market).

El Chato
El Faro
Guillermo Ruiz "Chato"
Picture submitted by Kerstin Reiger