Paracas is the peruvian most popular windsurfing site.  Here we have several spots with conditions that go from flat water speedsailing to wavesailing and jumping.  Almost every weekend there is someone sailing in Paracas Bay.  Many sailors go camping to Atenas or Santo Domingo, while others have beach houses there.
Paracas is located 250 km south from Lima.  An automobile is needed to get to most spots, that are no more than 20 minutes far. Paracas has a shop called "The mall", where you can find everything that could be necesary to survive.
Paracas is sunny all the year, with the lowest temperatures being no less than 20 C in July.  In summer a wetsuit isn't always necessary, unless it's very windy. During the winter a 2/3 complete wetsuit is more than enough.  Good wind come always from south (as in all the peruvian coast). It begins to raise at about 12:00, reaching its peak at 3:00.  If there is a Paraca Wind, it may blow all night long and reach its peak at 2:00-3:00 pm, which can be something beetwen 30-40 knots.

"As an oasis in the middle of the desert arises Paracas, beautiful cliffs bathed by the waves, paradisiac golden sand beaches, pacific islands populated by millions of birds coming from of all the corners of the world, cheered by the song of the marine wolves; unforgettable sun puttings in this piece of rebozante land of life "